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Designing interactive systems for the purpose of social good such as  public health and climate action often involves tradeoffs in methods, policies, and costs, rather than discussions about purpose and narrative goals. However, public persuasion often fails when given in explicit forms like rules and regulation, but rather relies on implicit influences like storytelling and social narratives. To introduce collaborative design for public good purposes, we use a design fiction methodology to provoke storytelling based on fictional prompts. The participants will take turns negotiating a story that develops a message for a hypothetical objective. To test the collaboratively arrived story, they then prototype a digital system that embeds the narrative in its core use case, grounding the exercise in its everyday application. Participants learn to apply design fiction methods in concrete applications of designing for social good.

Crowd of People


In this 3-hours workshop, participants will achieve the following:

  • an understanding of the application and impact of design fiction on the design of interactive systems

  • a strengthening of the research through design community based on inspiring each other through collaborative work

  • an exploration of an emerging practice of collaborative generation of design fictions for social cause

Considering the ongoing pandemic situation, the workshop will be either entirely online or a hybrid physical / online event via Zoom. The information and eventual outcome will be shared via our website and social media account publicly.

Professor Lecturing on Stage
About the Workshop: Your Visit
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